LISTEN: Gemeni Beats – “Type Beat 2018 x Supreme (Prod. Gemini 17)

Instrumental hip-hop or beat tapes have become increasingly available to anyone looking to make a name as a producer, be that in town or elsewhere, which as a lover of instrumental electronic music is a champagne problem to have. Where a producer like Tony Wise or TinyForest emphasizes a hushed sonic haze, like a codeine soaked, trap influenced Clams Casino, The Gemini Krew approach beat making like a moody Terminator, morose perhaps because of his impending lowering into the steel (that is our hearts).

The Gemini Krew owe more than a little to the musings of late-90’s Warp Records, post-industrial digitalia that bleeps, blops, and plods with more soul and verve than many acoustic instrumentation players. There is a calming air here that makes for an easy listen, delicate and nuanced, punctuated by a tender and repeating flute motif.

Listen below and bounce, but in the chillest way possible.