LISTEN: The Village Ordinary – “Al Capone on the Banjo”

Separating country from western is no small feat, extracting the picking and grinning core of a genre (Western), from the often saccharine lyrical content that comprises the popular range of the radio. That’s not to say that Al Capone on the Banjo is anything less than absolutely compelling, a mournful bluegrass inflected track that privileges sorrowful, melancholic vocals and minor chord meanderings, the backdrop for a vocal narrative lamenting loss and loneliness.

As such, The Village Ordinary carry a kind of Man of Constant Sorrow vibe, an imminently listenable ballad, slow and bittersweet in its beauty. This is long road trip music, rows of crops greeting you to either side, the sun setting in the distance. You get sticky with sweat listening to this, your hand out the window waving softly in the wind, a distraction from your own mind, a reminder of the natural world to take you away from the ghosts that haunt you.

Listen below and get lost with the ghosts of your own Capone.