ONE TRACK MIND: Methodical Wun talks about the making of “The Definition”

Last year saw the release of .definitin of Wun Nation, the latest and absolute greatest from emcee Methodical Wun, which is no small accomplishment. On a record that absolutely kills it, Meth Wun looks back to one of his oldest collaborators in E. Dash, who he worked with on the amazing EMDW album from a few years back. You can listen to that track below, and read on to learn how the sausage was made.

Never Nervous: Tell me about “The Definition”. Why does it stick out to you?

Methodical Wun: This track was actually one of the most troublesome tracks of the entire album. It was the longest for me to write for some really strange reason and the track had no focus. The beauty of this track comes in the flip in the middle of the song. The flip is why I knew this track would be something special.

NN: What went into the production? Did you use a lot of samples? Do you avoid that for clearance reasons or is that a concern?

MW: So from the production standpoint, since it came from Vheritas, I can only speak for a few things. Vheritas thrives on chaos and not playing by general rules of hip-hop. He prefers actual song structure to repetition. He loves to add beat breaks and bridges into his production that help songs stand out. He’d rather create solid musical tracks as opposed to a simple beat. There are some samples and it is one of those things in hip-hop that you just have to take a chance on. Therefore, we took quite a few chances. Those are consequences that we will happily deal with at a later date if we have to. The words, however, came from Interstellar, which seem to be really fitting for how long this album took to come out.

“The beat allows me to perfectly define who I am by being so divisive. I was able to create two completely different views of Methodical Wun. One part is about the fight for his people and the other part that states I give a fuck what you think of me. You know, insert shoulder shrug emoji type ish.”

NN: Speaking of production, how did the beat inform the lyrical content?

MW: The beat describes quite a bit of who I am as an artist. It’s all over the place. The break leads to the style change. There is this crazy mix of classic hip-hop mixed with the new wave. The beat allows me to perfectly define who I am by being so divisive. I was able to create two completely different views of Methodical Wun. One part is about the fight for his people and the other part that states I give a fuck what you think of me. You know, insert shoulder shrug emoji type ish.

NN: How did you choose E. Dash to work with for this particular song? I know you’re long time collaborators, but did you feel that he had something specific to add for his verse, or is it more of the general vibe between the two of you?

MW: Well now NN, I have to come clean. E.Dash was not the intended original collab for this song. I originally meant for this track to be another artist who I like working with who was super busy with his own project. Dash was always my back up. He was number 2, which he should be used to, as he is the same in E.M.D.W. also. In all honesty, I’m glad it worked out the way it did. You hardly ever see Dash do double time and the verse is very crazy. It still worked out to be a super dope track. As far as vibes are created, Dash and I are basically Run The Jewels lite or maybe the hip-hop version of Ebony and Ivory, so yeah!

NN: How does the first half and second half relate to one another? That change before the first and second half is smooth as fuck.

MW: Both parts tell an overall story. I look at all my tracks like a short film. The beat change is so dramatic that I felt the need to not only change topics but my style as well. I literally went from ‘hey I’m a hip-hop head’ to ‘it’s Wavy Season’ in the blink of an eye. The crazy thing about this song is that I wrote the second verse first, because I was so in love with the beat changer. When I did that, I created my own problem and I struggled with what the rest of the song should be about. Hence me saying, this was one of the most problematic songs on the album. I literally didn’t write the first verse until a month and a half later. I sat back figured a title and saw the bigger picture of this track because I refused to lose that second verse.

NN: What can you tell us about One Nation? Talk us through the lyrics?

“We are all aiming for something bigger, so why not do it together as one large platform. You can stop a single entity, but there is no way you can stop a force of many.”

MW: Wun Nation is my movement and my fan base. It is a vision that I have for as many of my family members and peers as I can to succeed. We are all aiming for something bigger, so why not do it together as one large platform. You can stop a single entity, but there is no way you can stop a force of many. As far as the lyrics go I will break them down in bar because it is easier.

‘Wun Nation! There’s no confusion, thorough visions I’m never losing!
If you don’t believe…my nigga just keep it moving.
Spit blows that cause contusions, reality’s no illusion.
Born for something bigger my greatness is the conclusion’-Wun Nation is a vision that will never lose to hate and adversity. But just as important, it will always speak the truth no matter the consequences.

‘Fighting to save our people from lies and high tides.
The water isn’t clean, the government standing by.
Hoping my people die, really they give no FUCKS.
And pulling wool over eyes to keep us stuck in this rut.’- This is pretty self-explanatory when it comes to current political climate, varying agenda, and blatant stupidity. Everyone talked about the 80’s being the ‘ME’ generation but that couldn’t remotely cup the balls of our current society.

‘Now Great Scotts! Doc tell me this ain’t our future.
Fighting to Save our Time. Keep dodging so they won’t shoot ya.
But with me its luther, I’m talking on everything!
A Riddick I’m never bowed. A winner upon this ring’- Wun Nation is here to fight for the survival of our very being and oppression in a world that seems very similar to the world in Back to the Future when Biff is running the town. Yes the Back to the Future lines is direct comparison to our political climate. The Riddick Bowe line is homage to the great boxer.

‘And “Oh” what does he bring! And “Oh” what does he mean!
I’m representing what’s good and here to fuck your scene!
And it’s Meth Wun, Speaking I have a dream!
With vision of Martin Luther, he’s born to be a King.
Hallelujah!’- There are so much going on here. The Oh lines are something that you may hear in you local church. One line is speaking my mantra. This album is my I have a dream type speech while stating that I was born a king while hinting back to the first line about the church and it is only appropriate we bless the church and finish by saying Amen, right before my sermon starts.

‘Not tracked in, we tracked out!
Like Akon fittin’a Black Out!
In a black tee, with some black shoes,
So DeadPool never hold my mouth!’-We are out here doing what we do. My change in flow shows the black out, which leads into a black panther moment while stating I am not holding my mouth for anyone.

‘Give a fuck if you like me! High off life he might be!
Preach the real so rightly. Aquarius no Pisces!
I bleed art pumping through my heart.
Push button, no keys to start.
Born a tech off in this game, assassin crowned,
Indeed they marked!!!’- These lines are pretty straightforward. I do love life. I keep it 100. I am an Aquarius. I literally can do just about anything artistic. I am a self-proclaimed self-starter, techie/lyrical assassin that references back to Assassin’s Creed, the video game.

‘Wun Nation better know my reign.
Karate kick figures splitting nigga with Cranes.’-My reign goes back to the king line from earlier and the last line before the switch is a blatant disrespect line similar to how Daniel Russo won the All Valley Karate Tournament back in 1984

‘Shouts out to my new crew, E.M.D.W!
Shouts to all that know who, we will die in this bitch repping 502
Die in this bitch cause we 502!
So Louisville it coined my sound!! -I will die repping my city but at the same time I can literally die in my city. But at the end of the day, Meth Wun exist because of Louisville and everyone, everything, and event that ever happened to me here.

‘Thrash any nigga, so call me the hound.
Red Pills all around are you indeed still down?
“Are You Still Down”
You can tell the truth, follow me down a path,
We don’t need a route!
Killing in borderlands, as we need this loot!
On my gown man shit so indeed it suits’-The hound is a Game of Throne reference. Red Pills are a Matrix reference to see if you are willing to follow me down this rabbit hole. Are you still down is that this whole song is a reference to a Tupac song. Don’t be scare because we have no paths and we are in this together. Borderlands video game reference, as we have to kill to survive, figuratively. And my raps are on the next level. We still turn up and show up but I be damned if we don’t have something to say and it fits me perfectly

‘So let me proceed again.
My greatness is saluted every moment I can.
The Wun take em to church so they prey AMEN’
Brought help to cross the finish so proceed my friend’ –This is all self-explanatory and we finish the sermon with an Amen and welcome our next speaker E.Dash.

NN: It seems to speak to community a lot. How do you engage in community?

MW: I love my community and I would love to see it thrive for the better. I don’t do as much as I should, but I assist in planning events to help the community (From Hip-Hop 2 Humanity). I buy items to give to some of the local homeless programs. I try to put people on who deserve to be great. I offer my services to those who are trying to be better. I want to do more and I plan on doing more in the coming year.

Also, I go to local shows. I support local held events, share and turn people on to any good music that is in our community. I also believe in eating at local restaurants and shopping at local stores. I sound like I am shaking hands and kissing babies. Never Nervous got me feeling like I’m about to run for office. Maybe I can look into this at a much later date.