LISTEN: Frederick the Younger – “Human Child II”

We’re fortunate to have new music rolling in from Frederick the Younger, this not only serving as a spiritual predecessor to their last release, Human Child, but a direct sequel. Here the band dig into their classic rock feel a little bit more, with singer Jenni Cochran channeling Grace Slick or even Jenny Lewis all the same. The music here is dense, with our very own Jake Hellman adding a welcome R&B flavor to the track alongside rock steady drummer Dave Givan, which is punctuated with psychedelic synth work from the sublime Aaron Craker. This is imminently re-listenable, a nice little earworm that pays off on repeat visits, an onion who’s complexity unravels with each subsequent layer. The band manage a careful balance between complex and interesting, more than a little melancholic at times, with a radio-friendly sensibility. The thing is, it feels natural, the music, like a thing evolved organically and yielded to the world as a gift, a necessary act of creation to get it out.

Listen below and just coast.