LISTEN: Sociological Liver Pills – “Sociological Liver Pills”

There is a creeping eldritch horror at the blackened heart of Sociological Liver Pills, the latest work of improv madness from the warped minds of Aaron West (from Quiet Hollers) and Brian Manley (from Insect Policy). Here, the duo privilege found sounds, static and the televised detritus that silently lurks in the background of so many homes, TV rays the only light in a shaggy, ill-maintained home.

This is a quiet dread leering at you from the darkness, beckoning you in with whispered promises and half-truths, the lies of consumerist garbage, that you are what you own and nothing more, that you have to covet they neighbor or lose the eternal race to the bottom. This is a modern type of terror, a static drenched mechanical hallucination, a representation of the endless hiss that serves as the sonic backdrop for your new digital God.

Listen below and try not to succumb to the darkness.