LISTEN: Trouble Sleeping – “All I’m trying to say is Hi.”

Know going in that the “production” here is going to make or break this for a lot of people. Recorded straight to what is likely a voice memo on a phone, Trouble Sleeping doesn’t seem overly concerned with anything other than living in the moment and following their muse wherever that might go. What that means is that despite their obvious limitations, the band plays on; there is no accounting for what the mic can handle, and as such this is blown out and hiss heavy, an urgent screed screamed into the ether. There are elements here to Sonic Youth or even Kurt Vile, breathy vocals, and chiming guitars delivered with a hungry desperation that demands attention.

The melodies are pleasant and griping, hook heavy and fun, if leaning more than a little into the melancholic. This is thoughtfully constructed riff heavy music, fuzzed out and rich with harmonies, which are matched by wonderful vocals noticeable in spite of the din, such is there power. Get these folks in a studio and give them giant amps, and this is the stuff that you’ll look back on and wonder where you were at the beginning. So here you are.

Listen below and get into it.