LISTEN: MB Cobi – “Relapse”

I can’t say what it is that emcee MB Cobi is relapsing towards, but there is a desperation, a hunger in his voice that adds a manic sense of impending dread. Here, Cobi is hustling not for some light at the end of the tunnel, but just to keep his head above the water. This is gritty hip-hop, backed with fantastic production that bobs and weaves like Ali, with a grim edge that imposes the darkness that Cobi seems to be fighting against.

There are predilections here with money, less about chasing paper, and more about the impact of consumerism in a capitalist culture; when we’re all fighting to get one up on someone else, are we really living? This seems to be the central thesis here, to avoid those bad habits of trying to fill that hole that you might find in yourself with stuff, whether that’s buying bullshit to scratch some itch, or to consume substance, however that looks. The delicate piano lines and tape decay goes far in supporting that general idea, working with what you have warts and all.

Listen below and get deep.