LISTEN: Ted Tyro – “Softwall” & “Bog Body”

One of the most pleasantly surprising bands to pop up periodically here in town is Ted Tyro, who are steadfast in remaining lo-fi mutant pop gold. Here with a guitar that sounds criminally out of tune, the band have assembled another piece of bedroom indie gold, like Sebadoh as filtered through Grizzly Bear. Production wise there is a kind of low-filtered powderiness to the entire affair, with all tones rounded off and smooth. It’s an interesting mix for sure, and one that only serves to accentuate just how extraordinary a band Ted Tyro is, with an ear for something a little left of center. The vibe here is chill per usual, but the dynamic is a bit more up-tempo than they traditionally explore, making for a driving song with a bass line that kind of reminds me of Let’s Get Physical by Olivia Newton-John, which is not a sentence I ever anticipated writing. The thing that makes it so rad is how great this kind of 80’s top 40 works in the context of their music, tonality and all.

Listen below and see what I’m on about.