LISTEN: Touch AC & Dr. Dundiff – “Archetype Abject” [New Album Out April 21]

I like to think of the partnership between Touch AC and Dr. Dundiff to that of NBA dynamic duo Karl Malone and John Stockton. Over the last few years, we’ve had the pleasure of witnessing Dr. Dundiff perfectly set up Touch AC aka The Mailman with dime beat after dime beat, providing the perfect canvass for the word wizard to effortlessly deliver an endless supply of dope ass verses. Thankfully, these two heroes have announced another collaborative record called Death which is set to hit the streets April 21st.

So what’s the story behind their latest venture? Well, according to the press release…

“Louisville, Ky based producer Dr. Dundiff (Jakarta Records) teams back up with Louisville based rapper Touch A.C. for there full length follow up to their 2015 ep “Page of Cups” Sticking with the Tarot Card theme, the duo present the 12 track album “Death”. Touch A.C. is a lyrical rapper who speaks on his own life stories as well as reflecting on the state of the world today. Touch’s rhymes paired with Dundiff’s soulful hip-hop sound create a perfect album that can be played front to back.”

Cool, I can dig that.

To whet our insatiable appetites for what these two continue to produce, a single called “Archetype Abject” is streaming now. Check it out below, then preorder Death for just 5 bucks at Dundiff’s Bandcamp page.

WORTH MENTIONING: If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Dr. Dundiff’s recent Muneybeats record — If you enjoy instrumental hip hop at all, I can’t recommend this release enough. And as for Touch AC, I recently found out that Touch AC’s Satan’s On His Way And He Wants His Drugs album is now on Spotify, so naturally I’ve been streaming it relentlessly.