RECAP: Louisville Arcade Expo ’18 was a geeky great time! [Photos and Video Included]

Last year was my introduction to the Louisville Arcade Expo, and since then I’ve been feverishly looking forward to the next rendition of the Derby City’s biggest and best retro gaming festival (read my recap from last year here). My wife and I arrived on Saturday evening around 5:30 or so, and as expected, the Triple Crown Pavilion was fucking packed with all sorts of nerds from every walk of life. As a devoted collector of vintage toys and video games, I competently felt right at home.


Over the next four hours we drank beers and walked around in circles playing some of our favorite arcades and pinball machines, and more excitedly played a few that we weren’t at all familiar with. The two of us also had a ball bouncing around from a all of the old consoles; the TurboGrafx 16 and Atari Jaguar were especially fun to play around with. There were also plenty of vendors with all sorts of nerd bait, ranging from vintage cartridges and toys to badass Resident Evil posters. My most proud acquisition was a boxed copy of Burger Time for the Intellivision complete with an unopened manual inside. Fuck yeah!


As the night progressed we continued to play a shit ton of games, watched a few contests and chatted up a few cos-players — my favorite was a nice lady I met dressed as Mega Man (top photo). After bit more boozed up button mashing, the two of us decided to call it quits. We called a Lyft around 10PM and headed home, but after arriving we decided to hook up my NES and Sega Genesis to play Mega Man 2 and Earthworm Jim while drinking more beer. What a glorious ending to a glorious night!

Watch a video recap of our night at the Louisville Arcade Expo below:

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last year we started a video game series called Game Weenie where Louisville bands/artists/cool people square off against each other while playing a retro video game of their choice (from my collection). Check those videos out here.