LISTEN: Jamie Barnes returns with new single “Low to the Bird”

I’m not sure what Jamie Barnes has been up to over the last decade, but the last time I remember hearing from this accomplished singer/songwriter was back in 2007 when he released his excellent record The Recalibrated Heart. At that point of the early-mid 00’s, Barnes had solidified himself as a brilliant musician and lyricist responsible for several fantastic albums that each honed in on his ability to create beautifully soft indie folk tunes. 

Naturally, I was a bit surprised to see his name pop back up in my radar as he recently returned with a brand new single called “Low to the Bird”. The song, which was produced by House Ghost has a delicate Sea Change vibe to it with mild guitar and percussion serve as the perfect backdrop for Barnes’ compassionate vocals which have a Thom Yorke quality to them complete with a gentle vibrato. This is the kind of song I enjoy sipping a fresh cup of coffee to while watching the sunrise, which is exactly how I consumed this single before writing these words. Highly recommended.

Listen to “Low to the Bird” below: