VIDEO PREMIERE: Sessions – “Balcony”

Sessions have graced us with their latest and greatest, a video for their track “Balcony“, the album closer to their Boats EP. The music here is sonically dense, riff heavy and lush, like Hum meets The Smashing Pumpkins. As such, there is predilection to big hooks and quiet/loud dynamics that really adds to the tension of the overall composition. When you hear the refrain, “I just want to feel something real,” followed by the crackling vibrato, almost to the point of breaking, but not quite, it becomes clear that there is a certain vulnerability conveyed here that is often hard to really detect in music at this scale. Like I said, these are giant ideas packed neatly into a tight package.

The visuals here are fantastic, a live band recap that kind of hones in on a band practice vibe, completely unmoored by expectation. Yeah, you have the camera on and likely you’re aware of it, but without an audience of any sort, you can just be in that moment, doing that thing. It’s living in that present that again adds to the overall warmth felt here, an earnest and contemplative piece of 90’s shoegaze nostalgia, updated and given fresh life.. Watch below and get into it.