LISTEN: Base – “in heaven everything is mine”

Imagine David Banner on codeine, his vocals chopped and screwed as if his vocals are run through the same octave pedal effect that makes Cannibal Corpse sound like a chorus of demons, and you’re halfway to the Satanic hip-hop of Base. This is, at least in this context, meant as an aesthetic to scare the normals into complacency, a sonically dense and bass heavy bent to traditional rap music, mutated out of control into something otherworldly. The music here seems part NIN and part Death Grips, industrial ugliness that colors way outside the lines. This is chaos loosely shaped into music, abrasive and indifferent to your attention. It’s that elusiveness that makes it all the more enticing, a darkly cerebral listen that portends a violent and mechanical end for all who enter.

Listen below and get dark.