REVIEW: auralgamiSOUNDS presents “KIRIGAMI” [Compilation Cassette]

KIRIGAMI Compilation

I couldn’t tell you why they yell so much with their fonts, but I appreciate that they’re ready to say it loud and say it proud all the same. This weekend marks their Paper Anniversary 3, celebrating their third year of cultivating the best and brightest musicians to put their weirdest foot forward at all times. It’s a boss community that encompasses a lot of genres, but feels comforting all the same, a haven for freaks and geeks. This being a mixed bag and all, I feel a little weird calling attention to one thing over another, like I’m playing favorites. All the same, I don’t want to write on 14 tracks either, so I’ll name a few, but to anyone involved reading, don’t feel like you’re not loved. Dang. This Dane Waters track is intense. A super low drone and vocal weirdness, eerily guiding you through the murk. The follow up to a plodding Bird/Trooper track, it feels like auralgamiSOUNDS wants to lead you into darkness, that is, until you get to the Cereal Glyphs track. Damn, this folks can shred.

Okay, so I really do want to talk about everything. The opening track by Atomo is fun and danceable. Following up the Dane Waters track, the A7A track will open your eyes up with a cool, Steve Reich-esque composition with a lot of energy. The new and revitalized Soft Self Portraits is picture perfect, the drums filling sonic spaces that you hadn’t even considered missing before; this is beautiful. Damages is, I have no idea what this is. Noisy tape sounds, almost like the tape has become sentient and has a lot to say. MineControl bring that jazzy weirdness, improv bops, but never grating or like everyone is playing something separate from one another. Dominic Republic comes in busting it with their colorful maximalism in a way that makes you feel like you’re zipping around in Tron land, just crushing fools with your light cycle.

How do I describe BodyCocktail? Its like if Tom Waits and Jello Biafra had a baby and that child’s name was cocaine. Imagine visiting Disney World on acid. Here you are. Going into RedTed blind, there is a heavy and also goth vibe here, the two not being coterminous here. Imagine if Sleep was fronted by Peter Murphy, and you can smell what I’m cooking. The wispy ambience of Psychic Skin, an always welcome presence, recalls the very best of Stars of the Lid, combining delightful drones with found sound ephemera. Pleasure Boys crush it with their brand of garage psych, getting strange, and screaming at the sky, just like you ought to. What makes this track even better is that it serves as the prelude for their surprise EP dropping Saturday. Closing out the tape is a new piece of Rob Collier, also dropping an album on auralgamiSOUNDS this weekend. Starting off with a staccato lead, the melody bounces and dances, a shifting kaleidoscope of tonal beauty. This is pleasant and beautiful, the perfect send off to a comp with such a broad, but somehow cohesive scope.

You can pick the album at the show and get a taste below.