Tropical Trash
The Loki Label

Never has a bands name been more fitting for its own sound. Tropical Trash would be a perfect way to describe to someone what “A Dent In The Forever Can” sounds like. We’re not speaking of “trash” here in the sense that it should be thrown away. In this case, “trash” is referring to the sounds you might here if you beat someone over the head with a trash can (a sound I’m a fan of). The “Tropical” is about spicing up all that trashiness. It would be really easy to make trashy music that’s unlistenable, but that’s not the case here. This is the type of trash that you take on Antique Roadshow and find out you’re a millionaire.

Another apt description for A DENT IN THE FOREVER CAN would be haunting. These songs have dark undertones that are magnified by arrangements that, like much of the Tropical Trash catalogue, live in a state of constant tension that never gets released. There are also lines in nearly every song that, while making sense of them is nearly impossible, will haunt you in your sleep (they have mine at least). “REWINDER BLUES” has a hook that says, “Celebrating no sex.” While nothing about that line is necessarily disturbing, in fact it’s vaguely positive, the way it’s delivered and how it repeats over hostile power chords is absolutely creepy. 

If you really want to ruin your day or scare the living shit out of your nephew, then check out “CIRCLING AT&T…IT TAKES A TRAIN TO FUCK.” This “song” is nearly 15 minutes of mind-fucking Halloween noises. It’s the soundtrack to your death at the warehouse job you hate. It’s disturbing and I could only listen to it once. That’s not to say I won’t be using it on trick or treaters this year.

The truth is, this EP is a must listen if you’ve grown up a fan of grimy, anxiety inducing punk rock. It’s the type of music that makes you remember everything is not ok, you have to try harder to survive. A DENT IN THE FOREVER CAN won’t allow you to be complacent. Listen to it below.