LISTEN: The Sole Conspirators – “Fighting For You” (Prod. by Stsy)

Damn, the sun is out, the birds are chirping, and I just fired up the newest from The Sole Conspirators, so you know everything is lovely. This is the kind of beat that makes you want to chill with that someone special, a nice warm breeze in the air just coasting. My dude Brad Roeder, aka the long-missed Sleye Kooper from now-defunct hip hop group Shadowpact brings that dopeness with each verse, punctuated by the kind of R&B hook that made Nate Dogg famous. This is silky smooth though, no bark or bite, just a cool calm that makes you feel like everything is alright. And Stsy fucking crushes it with this beat, that kind that makes you feel just a little cooler just hearing it.

Listen below and feel that same love.