LISTEN: Pleasures of the Flesh – “Inevitable Pleasures”

Since Joy Division blazed the trail nearly 40 years ago from punk to a neo-gothic post-punk, bands have emulated that haunted rock feel, a murky and often reverb drenched melancholia unflinching in the face of a good pop hook, albeit one set to a minor key. As such, Pleasures of the Flesh seems cut from that same cloth, updated here through the lens of modern metal and indie sensibilities. There is a Greyhaven kind of thing going on here, that emotional and prone to scream thing part and parcel to folks in their early 20’s, still sorting it all out and screaming to make a difference. It’s something everyone can relate to, tempered here by quieter, often baroque elements, like Peter Murphy as filtered through the melodic post-hardcore of Touché Amoré.

Listen below and pump your fists at the night sky.