WATCH: Donovan Mitchell wins the 2018 NBA Dunk Contest!

No one could have predicted Donovan Mitchell’s quick rise to superstar status before this season started, which is what in part makes watching him succeed playing for the Utah Jazz so much fun. As exhilarating as it’s been witnessing his swift ascension into being a premier guard in the NBA, watching him win the Dunk Contest last night was incredibly rewarding as a Louisville basketball fan. He defeated Cav’s forward Larry Nance Jr. with a series of jaw-droppers that smoothly honored the great Darrell Griffith aka Dr. Dunkenstein and cleverly paid homage to Vince Carter with his final dunk.

Yeah, Louisville’s basketball program is still in the shitter right now, and no one really know what’s going to happen this off season with David Padgett. But what we as a fan base can hold on to is the fact that one of our guys has finally become a big time star — shit, once the dunk contest started I barely glimpsed at the Cards vs. UNC game because, well, who wants to watch our guys get pounded at home? That game was a hot mess, but it didn’t matter because Donny Utah aka Spida Dunkenstein aka my favorite modern Cardinal showed out on NBA All-Star Weekend’s biggest event and made this city incredibly proud.

Watch the highlights below.