LISTEN: Blake Skidmore – “Back on the Horse”

I’m usually a sucker for any song that encourages you to leave your worries behind, regardless of the music. In effect, I’m a Parrothead, but one that has no interest in Jimmy Buffett, and every possible investment in hearing Karp kill all redneck pricks, or two hours of droning guitar ambience. It’s that general ease that Blake Skidmore peddles as his currency, a calming and confident singer-songwriter vibe that blends the easy feel of Wild Horses-era Stones and maybe a little Zeppelin with Iron and Wine. There is a classic feel here that seems familiar and comforting, but fresh enough that it’s never stale. As such, this is easy living, but thoughtful and considered, so it never really feels safe.

Listen below and take Skidmore’s advice and leave your worries behind.