PREMIERE: Mmuso – “On the Rocks”

For the last several months, whenever fresh hip-hop is brought up in conversation, my friend Filthy Rich reps the hell out of Mmuso. That’s no small recommendation to my standards, but one that someone still managed to understate just how dope Mmuso is. We’re honored today then, to premier On The Rocks, the debut single off his upcoming release. Mmuso is on point here, dropping the kind of rhymes guaranteed to set the move, fly and sultry, but with an East Coast cool, early Jay-Z by way of the chilled out vibes of Pete Rock or Pharrell, as filtered through modern trap music.

The production here is superlative, a bouncing but velvety smooth, punctuated by Chris Rock bits on relationships and Mmuso own musing on his reality with long term commitment, and how that effect your love life. He gets gritty af, keeping it real in a way part and parcel to the genre, but underneath that grimy veneer, is a real question about sustaining intimacy with the person you love, and finding that right balance along the way.

Do yourself a favor and listen below. Mmuso is an incredible burgeoning talent in a market already rife with high quality art. Light a candle and throw this on the mix for Valentine’s Day.