LISTEN: Shi – 死 – “Cellar 2”

Today is my dad’s birthday and in celebration of that… you know what, I’m not going to lie: he would fucking hate this. But there is this weird kind of orneriness that he inspired in me that is made fully manifest in the rottenness of Shi – 死, who make the sludgy, least consumer friendly doom metal going. The vocals are growled, like someone just drank paint thinner and whisky, hollering about big fucking space dragons and cellars and shit. If you can point to one part of that sentence that isn’t wholly awesome, then I think we have a problem. Because it is awesome, I mean. This is like Black Sabbath detuned to drop H, aiming for that brown note, but accepting a swift kick to your mind’s nuts. This is vicious music of the sort that makes you want to sport leather gauntlets with spikes on them and flip a table at a Hardee’s. Don’t play like you don’t know what I mean.

Braid your beard and smash your mead, jerks. This is flavor country and Shi – 死 are here to crush shit with you.