MUSIC VIDEO: Parlour – “Resist Ants”

Back in 2016, instrumental post-rockers Parlour released their brilliant selftitled record, an effort that we felt was one of the finest of the year. In an unexpected move, a music video was released yesterday featuring a song from the year-and-a-half old album. “Resist Ants” is a slow grooving track with a sinister vibe that slowly evolves into a paranoid uptempo rhythm only to relapse into a post-apocalyptic breakdown. In other words, this song is a fucking trip.

The video itself (which was filmed and edited by W.G. Rickel) is an epileptic nightmare of flashing image, ants, diagonal lines, and other unbalancing effects. Eventually the “narrative” morphs into a palate of bright reds with a few glimpses of faces, presumably belonging to people in the band.

Watch the video for “Resist Ants” below, then if you haven’t already, listen to the rest of the record here (also on Spotify).