LISTEN: March Four – “Excess Goo”

In what I can only imagine is some K-Mart themed Black Lodge blaring an endless barrage of radio garbage from varying eras intercut by beats too chopped and screwed to make the menu at Waffle House, March Four march bravely forward. Bouncy drums with mad shuffle and a random assortment of sample sources, almost vaporwave, but somehow just a little askew from that, the band have an almost jazz lurch to their brand of hip-hop, cutting up sounds in a way that would bring a smile to Four Tet’s face, or make Prefuse 73 blush with pride; gaze on his creation and know love.

This is the music that your radio would make itself if given the opportunity. So drown it in ooze, get it struck by lightning, and then book some shows, because that shit will work perfect on a bill with March Four, who may themselves be some kind of sentient Zune.

Listen below and try and decipher my madness.