Jim Cornette’s Louisville | Our Top 10 Favorite Things About Wrestling’s Greatest Manager

Although I have to accept the cold, heartless, and idiotic truth that I will never be on the board that decides who get’s one of those silly banners on the side of a building in downtown Louisville, nothing is going to stop me from using Never Nervous as an outlet to let the world know who should be. And for me, only one person born in Louisville is worthy of having their name before “Louisville” with an apostrophe “s” signifying ownership. That man is James E. Cornette, or “Jim” as he is most often referred to.

Jim Cornette is possibly the best professional wrestling manager of all time, or at the very least he’s second only to Bobby Heenan (if you’re a real douche you could put Jimmy Hart in front of him). Without question, he’s the most passionate person to ever grace the squared circle. He may be the most passionate person alive honestly. He’s passionate about wrestling of course, but also political and social issues… and maybe the best part about “Corny” is that he isn’t afraid to tell you about it.

The unfair thing about the story of Jim Cornette is that he is criminally under-appreciated outside of the wrestling industry, especially in Louisville. How many people in Louisville have 137k twitter followers and the average person doesn’t know who they are? Do you know who he is? If not, this is your chance to get acquainted. If you do know him then this is a chance to stroll down a memory lane of some of the greatest moments in Cornette history, or maybe learn a thing or two you previously weren’t hip to — here are my top 10 favorite things about Jim Cornette in no particular order. Let’s show Corny a little Louisville Love

1.) George The Rat – Jim had a famous pet rat that was used in the original Mankind vignettes. This rat also had huge balls. It got sick and needed surgery. The surgery cost $1,100. George the Rat ended up dying and Jim stored his body in his freezer so he could be buried in Kentucky (not Conneticut where he was living at the time). Allegedly, Jim missed 6 weeks of work mourning the loss of George, but he denies these allegations. The truth is I can’t possibly do this story justice. If you love yourself and need a good laugh, you should check out Bruce Prichard’s version of the story below.

2.) Jim Cornette haaaaaaates Donald Trump – Yeah, it’s no secret that Corny despises our current president as he sometimes refers to him as “this fucking moron” or “President Fuckknuckle”. Trump is like the new version of The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express for Cornette. Instead of being in a ring talking shit about Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, Corny gets on his podcast and talks shit about Trump. A lot of shit. Like tons of shit

3.) Jim Cornette’s FaceCornette’s face is literally a meme. A meme and a shirt and a god damn national treasure. If you’re faking surprise in the comments of a dumbass thread, only Cornette’s face will suffice. You’re welcome.


4.) He’s a major nerd, just like us! – According to his website, Cornette has a “vault” in his house where he has thousands of items of wrestling memorabilia dating all the way back to 1930. The kicker is he also boasts that “There are also 10,000 comic books ranging from the 1930’s to the 1970’s, hundreds of related paperbacks and toys, a large vintage Disney collection, and thousands of horror, sci-fi, entertainment, news and music magazines.” This is something he apparently likes to brag about at comic conventions as well.

5.) Tuesday Night At The Gardens – We at Never Nervous have a love for our city, an affection that has caused us to document, be a part of, and contribute to Louisville and it’s art scene as much as possible. One section of the arts community that we have grossly missed out on in our coverage is the wrestling that took place at The Louisville Gardens from 1970-1975. This is referred to as the “Golden Age” of wrestling in Louisville and Cornette documented it furiously like he did every bit of wrestling that he ever witnessed. Now you can have all that he documented in his book. He may even autograph it for you

6.) The Racket – Part of Cornette’s gimmick is that he carries around a tennis racket. As a heel (bad guy) manager you want to give the crowd every reason you can to hate you, and for Corny, this meant playing up the idea that he was a spoiled rich boy. Just the idea of someone playing tennis was enough to make your average 1980’s mid-south wrestling crowd hate you. It’s also rumored that he would put horseshoes inside the racket cover and use it as a weapon when the words he said in the ring incited riots. Yes, he’s been the cause of more than one riot

7.) Cornette’s time at Ohio Valley Championship Wrestling (OVW) – From 2000-2005, Jim Cornette was majority owner and booker (wrestling equivalent of a screenwriter) of OVW. Maybe it’s happenstance but this was a time when some of the greatest athletes and characters in wrestling history passed through, including Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton, and Bautista. Cornette is widely considered to be incredibly influential in the wrestling business to this day for this reason. It also provided many joyful memories for us here in Louisville.

8.) He suffers for his art – At Starrcade ‘86 Cornette was featured as manager in a match between The Midnight Express and The Road Warriors. This wasn’t a regular match however, it was a scaffolding match. Cornette was booked to fall from the scaffolding and agreed to it despite being severely acrophobic. Cornette ended up blowing his knee out. He knew he would probably get hurt but he also felt that the performance was more important than his health.

9.) The Dairy Queen Incident – We’ve all been there before. You know, when you have hundreds of miles to drive in a van full of 250-300lb wrestlers and the only food joint that’s open is a damned Dairy Queen. Your order ends up sounding so ridiculous that they think you are joking. You know what I’m talking about, right?

The thing is, most of us would just politely explain the situation. Not Corny. He climbs through the fucking window cussing people out and doing what bad guy wrestlers (heel wrestlers if you’re in the business) call a promo. Unfortunately for Corny this moment was caught on video, but I don’t think he gives a shit. This is who he is and he doesn’t try to hide it. That’s inspiring in 2018. Some of you will probably be offended by this video, but you just can’t fuck with Jim Cornette’s double-cheeseburgers.

10.) His Twitter – I would love to write about every great tweet Corny’s had that has gone viral and pissed off hundreds, if not thousands of people. I guess I forgot to mention that Cornette’s specialty is pissing people off. For that reason it’s like Twitter was made for him. Whether he’s calling Sarah Palin a “useless twat” or saying “Fuck Kurt Cobain” on the late rock star’s birthday, his twitter is full of offensive comedic gold. Most of his sick burns are at the expense of ridiculous conservative idealism. I used to enjoy hearing him talk shit to the good guy wrestlers; he was the best at it. Now he just talks shit to every idiot on the internet and it’s wonderful. Follow him @TheJimCornette.

Thank you for being you Corny. I hope that someday you get the banner you deserve.