LISTEN: Nine Eyes – “2018 Exhibition”

Brace yourselves for a pair of new heavy-as-shit songs from metalcore champions Nine Eyes! Their two latest offerings, which were record, mixed and mastered by Knocked Loose’s Isaac Hale are proof positive that Louisville’s hardcore scene is headed in the right direction. While this new noise certainly ain’t any sort of reinvention of the wheel, each house rattling track is expertly crafted and supplemented with Hell-worthy pinch harmonics and growling vocals similar to Sean Ingram from Coalesce.

And the breakdowns — thank the maker, these breakdowns are enough to make even me, a 34 year old greasy turd get up out of my chair and run through a fucking wall. There aren’t many hardcore/metal bands these days that fuel adrenalized solo mosh sessions, but if any one has the power to awaken that part inside my old jaded ass, it’s Nine Eyes.

Listen to the latest from Nine Eyes below, preferably at a high volume.