LISTEN: Sleepletting – “Sleepletting”

Rarely does a name alone figure like a toy in my mind, to turn over and examine in great detail, like the first time you encountered an Optimus Prime, but from the name alone Sleepletting is that. Fortunately the music lives up to the name, almost as if someone has let the sleep out of something, tired and tinged with a melancholic beauty. This is quiet music for contemplative times, relaxing, if brief, tiny snippets of time captured and frozen to recall at your will. These are gentle moments that you caress and embrace, golden and halcyon memories of absolute serenity, a warm glow guiding you through the dark. Listing like comparisons, while great for our SEO is a disservice to a music that needs to be experienced independent of outside prerogative. Put this on and get mellow, get weird, and live your best life.

Listen below and get into it.