LISTEN: Elk Hound – “The Static and Hum” [members of Joan Shelley, Freakwater & more]

Elk Hound are new and not-so-new at the same time. Originally The Static and Hum was meant to be the latest solo effort from singer/songwriter Andrew Iafrate, but during the process of recording Andrew says, “It became clear we were creating something more than a singer/songwriter record.” That makes sense when you recognize the people involved in the creation of this new album: Members of Natural Geographic, Joan Shelley, Plum Hokum, Freakwater, and even Joe Manning on guest vocals. 

All of that collaboration makes for a killer album from Andrew and friends — Elk Hound are full of laid back energy on 10 straight southern rock/folk jams. It’s the kind of music you throw on in your car while your driving across the country. Every song is easy on the ears, but they also have the ability to venture into guitar rock jam territory without ever sounding trite. Similar to Neil Young, Elk Hound will make a song led by distorted guitar as smooth as a lullaby. 

Check out The Static and Hum below and support Elk Hound at their bandcamp