LISTEN: Onihk – “Bit to Death”

Imagine if the Program peeps from Tron drank all the coffee and Mountain Dew, pounding through bags of Cheetos and turning into Cocaine Oompas who can actually beat that fucking speeder bike board on Battletoads (if you say you can, you’re a liar). That’s what Onihk has going on, a hyper-maximalist virtual reality cut straight from the most jagged of 8-Bit Nintendo composers, ramped up on Prince and Miles Davis, as filtered through the soundtrack to Ninja Gaiden. Your take away here is that this is a) electronic as all hell, and b) there is a lot going on. A lot a lot, which is at times overwhelming, as seems to be the point.

Listen below and imagine you’re on a hoverboard in a Rad Racer game or something, probably trying to save the president from street toughs. But seriously, if that’s your scenario, just make it someone other than this president, huh. Jeez. That guy is a boob.