LISTEN: Riotface – “the sitter”

Let me be the first to say that Riotface, the alter ego of Never Nervous pal Matt Haas, is my favorite weirdo. Record an ambient record with the chirping barks and skittering claw sounds of a tiny dog that probably wants to speak to your manager, replete with squeaky dog toy noises? That’s our boy. Release it on Christmas? Obviously. This is equal parts melancholy, music from the bottom of the ocean, the deepest darkest blue, intercut with what you can only imagine is a miniature, Chewbacca-like creature that just wants to play like the rascal he is. Proof positive that Riotface did in fact dog sit as promised, the sitter has a quiet, pastoral vibe that would -sans doggie noises- make for the perfect accompaniment to a Herzog or Von Trier movie, creeping and dark as all hell. There is a mild Lawrence English meets Music for Films Eno here, again intercut with the least expected sounds you might imagine, making for an unsettling, jarring listen.

You can check it out yourself though, by listening below. Get weird, jerks.