LISTEN: Shedding – “Plod and Play Vol. 2”

Of all the musicians I write about, few are as close to my heart as Connor Bell, who has for the better part of two decades operated under the name Shedding. As such, I’ve been privy to his often glacial shifts, a slow and gradual evolution that has led him down his current rabbit hole obsessing over modular synthesis and a world not only of music, but of sound. It’s that territory that Bell mines, digging into the constituent grains of sound, to process and shred through notes at the most granular level. The result is a series of chiming, skittering notes, that flit in and out of existence like a delightfully colorful science experiment. As such, there is an ambient quality here that recalls the works of Brian Eno albums like Thursday Afternoon or Lux, or the modular drone work of Eluvium, ephemeral and ghostly melodies that never cohere into a unified composition. 

Listen below on headphones and soak in sonic glory.