FOOD FOR FUN: Mac’s Dough House’s Buff Chick Pizza & Fire Starter Mac & Cheese

Since opening last year, I’d heard quite a bit of buzz around Mac’s Dough House, a new restaurant in Jeffersontown (10509 Watterson Trail) that specializes in eclectic pizzas and gourmet baked macaroni dishes. We actually interviewed co-owner Corey Sims a few months ago before officially opening and he described their food selection as “a kid’s menu built for an adult taste.” After my visit the other day, I wholeheartedly concur.

As I walked in, I quickly realized that the people that run this place are a lot like me — we’re a bunch of god damned nerds, no doubt about it. This restaurant is pretty big with plenty of seating options, an extensive bar area, and plenty of big windows that allow a good amount of natural light into the place (no one likes feeling like they’re in a prison, right?). Along the walls you’ll find a myriad of framed prints depicting all sorts of nerdtastic pizza-related images relating to Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and more. Speaking of TMNT, on the opposite side of the restaurant is a massive Last Supper-themed mural depicting all of your favorite characters from the classic cartoon/arcade (see below).


I was quickly seated by a friendly waitress and was diligently educated on their interesting menu options. After a bit of mulling, I decided to start with the Fire Starter, a macaroni and cheese dish that is complimented with jalapeños and sriracha, then topped with spicy Cheeto crumbs. Now this is the best sort of comfort food — the kind of grub you crave when you don’t give a shit about how bad things have gotten, you just need a temporary way out. As I repeatedly carved into this loaded dish I began to sweat from the heat these spicy ingredients were radiating. This was a welcome warmth considering how damned cold it was outside.

Get a good look at the Fire Starter below:


Next up, after some tough perusing, I chose the Buff Chick Pizza, a Buffalo-themed pie with tender bits of chicken and a buttery crust with a greasy crunch. There was quite a bit of cheese on this sucker, but it was no match for my ravenous hunger. The Buffalo sauce was plentiful satisfying my undying need for a spicy edge on almost everything I choose to shove down my throat. Thank the Maker, this pizza was damned good!

Get a look at the Buff Chick Pizza below:

IMG_3137 (1)


I washed down each heavenly bite with a Hazy Little Thing IPA from Sierra Nevada making for an intoxicating and filling experience. It’s worth mentioning how awesome their evolving tap list is — I had no idea there were so many options, most of which I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of trying.

The food I ate and the beer I guzzled down were awesome — couple that with the geeky atmosphere, and you’ll get a familiar feeling not unlike that over-stimulation you felt as a kid when walking into a Showbiz Pizza. No, there aren’t arcades everywhere (aside from a pinball machine and a couple of coin op machines), but the exhilarating sensation you get from the scent of baking pizzas and the sight of all of the nerd-centric imagery makes for a fun-as-hell experience for an adult like me always looking to relive my youth, even if for just an hour.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Phillip Olympia is absolutely, positively not a food critic. Having said that, he really, really loves food, and he really appreciates Louisville’s effervescent independent restaurant scene which is why we have decided to embark on a series of posts documenting one or two options from a particular menu from one of many local spots. We’re calling this series “Food For Fun” because, well, I don’t know. It’s a dumb name, but you’ll get over it.