TIMŌRĀTUS – “Christmas Present” Crisis (Music Video)

File this under more Christmas related stuff that I slept through because I was on vacation and because holiday stuff and because… hell, I was just overwhelmed by life for a few weeks, so sue me. The newest from Timoratus is a black metal meets hip-hop meets electronic Christmas story about trying to find the right gift for that special someone. Gone are the Sunn O)))-esque drones of his earlier material, replaced instead by the wailing blast beats of Emperor or Liturgy, as filtered through Weird Al. For serious.

But you know that we’ve all known that kind of rage, not just in trying to find a sweet gift, but in just shopping in general. Who needs that shit? Here you have ya boi Timoratus just hustling through Mall St. Matthews on the hunt for that ever elusive deal, raging against the capitalist machine the whole time, but in the spirit all the same. It’s a silly mix, but definitely fun and goofy in the best ways.

Watch below and use this as an opportunity to shop early next year.