LISTEN: WET – “Apollo’s Rodeo”

There is a line in a now classic (to my mind) Buck 65 song “Secret Splendor” that goes, “we melted into pools of fluid intuition,” which is one of many, many lines from that song and album that really inspire me to this day. It’s no surprise then that this line haunts me here on the opener for WET’s Apollo’s Rodeo, a scattershot, psychedelic freak composition that incorporates elements of drone with chopped and mutated bits of cultural ephemera. Bubbling up out of the ether, there bits of cartoons, political commentary, and plenty more than float in and out, a reasonable mirror to the static that constitutes our lives. This is a long and thoughtful piece of music that lulls you into a sense of ease before making sharp turns, as unsettling as it is ephemeral. The second piece, Major Bupkis, is an orchestral tune up, imminently getting started, but never quite there.

Listen below and dig deep into the shared consciousness.