LISTEN: The Knee-Jerk Reaction – “Hot Ron”

Sometimes it’s important to just get funky, to just let that silliness take you away on a sea of rubbery bass lines and heavy oscillators. In this case, The Knee-Jerk Reaction seem to be on a journey of discovery with or perhaps in search of Hot Ron, although I can’t provide specifics about who or what that is. There is a retro-futurism to the tune of the first track that recalls the corporate chase music that might play lightly in the background of an 80’s 8-Bit adventure, you cruising along the highway to fight the ninjas and street toughs who’ve captured the president, too cool to get riled up, like Michael Jackson on codeine, here updated with a soft synth, AM Gold kind of Vaporwave. The follow up track, Fire (blame it on me) takes you on a comparable journey, determined, but no less cool in getting to the point. This is a neat entry into the tapestry of our local scene and a welcome one at that.

Listen below and get your goddamned groove on like the good lord(s) (or the devil… or just nothing… hell, I don’t care) intended.