ROLLER DERBY: The Battle of the All Stars DAY TWO & THREE RECAP [Photo Sets Included]

EDITOR’S NOTE: Jenna Madonia traveled with Team Kentucky to cover their progress at The Battle of the All Stars which was held at Inline 309, in Hatfield, Pennsylvania over the weekend. Read her day one recap here; check out her words and photos about the last two days below.

Friday January 12
Day two of the Battle of the All Stars tournament started out with Team Kentucky playing against West Virginia in the fifth bout of the day. Going into this game, we felt a little better about our chances, but not significantly. This is the day I started getting sick and had a ton of work to do — so I was just trying to make it through the day in general. We started the game out strong, but still ended up being beaten with a score of 214 to 28. MVP was Jenerator — awesome job lady! This game resulted in some loss of morale, as everyone felt as if they could’ve played better. Ladies, you all were incredible! You didn’t look as bad as you felt, and I have the photos to prove it! We still didn’t die!

Next up we played Louisiana. This again, was a tough one for us. We played a much closer game in this one though, which was an indication that we were getting more cohesive in our packs, and players were starting to work better with each other. With a score of 135 to 73 Team Kentucky held their own going up against a great team! We still didn’t die!

One thing that really struck home for me personally throughout this incredibly awesome but stressful weekend, was the incredible camaraderie of the roller derby community. Players were supportive of each other, even if they were playing against each other, as well as not even knowing them. Throughout the weekend, players were skating past being told good luck and other various words of encouragement. At one point in the evening, Slamus and I were outside talking when SFYA (Something for Ya Ass) of Team Pennsylvania (ya’ll are incredible!) sat with us and joined in our conversation. This skater is awesome! She may in fact be one of my derby crushes! SFYA talked with Slamus and I about holding on to small victories in a tournament such as this one — like holding the jammer for even two seconds. She complimented Team KY on the fact that even though they lost, they kept going and never gave up. How awesome is that!

Slamus and SFYA connected on the fact that in the game Team KY played against Team PA, Slamus ran into SFYA on accident and profusely apologized. SFYA wears a badass visor on her helmet, much like our very own Michonne Unslayable. So, when SFYA didn’t say a word and looked down at Slamus afterwards, Slamus felt like RoboCop was staring down at her. SFYA made it be known that she wasn’t sure if she said, “No worries,” or just thought it in her head. These are the people that make me want to continue in derby. This is a community I feel like I belong in and I can’t wait to one day play on Team Kentucky’s team!

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Saturday, January 13
This was the last day of Team Kentucky in the Battle of the All Stars Tournament. Up to this point, Team KY has lost all their games, but they’re holding on to making history of being the first Team Kentucky in the 5 years of the Battle of the All Stars. They were all happy to even be on the All Stars Team for KY, as well as making new friends, and being able to play against some amazing teams. Saturday was a good day for morale, as they were up against a team they were matched well with, Team Saskatchewan.

Team Saskatchewan from Canada were a group of kind, awesome rollergirls. Throughout this game, players on both teams were smiling as Team Kentucky was having the best bout of the tournament. Everyone was on point in this one — credit to Gorie Details for basing the packs around stats from the previous games! There were some incredible moments were you could tell Team KY was finally melding together. After four games, they learned how to play together, form powerful walls, and put together some all around badass defense — these were the rollergirls I had seen before and I was so excited they figured each other out! Slamus Aran and Carrie A. Glock were finally able to play together in beautiful cohesion! Both are members of DCRG and rarely get to play together. ReXXy Dangerfield was put into the jammer rotation (Yay Rexxy!), and in one jam Jenferno scored over 30 points while the Slamus Aran, Pinkie Brewser, Carrie A. Glock, and Jenerator held a strong wall and kept the opposing jammer back — this was a full 2 minute jam for them all, a tough amount of time to get through! Barbra Fett who was of course smiling constantly helped keep morale up throughout the entire weekend — something I admire greatly.

Barbra is someone who has became a derby crush for me due to having such a great attitude, on top of the fact that she is all around a badass. (Your kid’s awesome too!) Michonne Unslayable is deadly if she gets you in her sights, her powerful hits are not something I look forward to ever experiencing! Shout out to Scrappy Sue for being a great supporting player, as well as having some of the best stats in the game against Louisianna! Jenferno was awarded MVP for this one — after a 30 point jam, I would have been mad if she hadn’t gotten it! Awesome job, Jen!

Sask’s jammer Curb Stompin’ Coleshaw is my third and final derby crush formed over the weekend. This girl is a powerhouse! I admire her skills as a jammer who not only plays offense, but jammer on jammer defense as well. She is a force to be reckoned with and I very much hope to see her play again some day!

From the get go, this game could have gone either way. Both teams were giving it their all and having fun doing so. Way to go, Team Sask! You all were incredible! And Team KY couldn’t stop talking about how awesome it was for you all to give them a gift bag of things from Canada — it was pretty freaking sweet!!

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After a very long weekend, our girls did great representing Kentucky on and off the track. Personally, I am incredibly proud of you all and so excited to do this again next year! Now it’s time for me to load up on medicine and return to bed — this cold is in the way of my own derby practice! Maybe next year I’ll even be on Team Kentucky myself! (Wishful thinking, but a girl can dream!) Special shout out to Kiaya Young of Western Kentucky for coming to support Team KY! I’M SO GLAD YOU ALL DIDN’T DIE!

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