LISTEN: Vyva Melinkolya – “1​:​00AM”

It’s snowing again as I write this, having been trapped mostly indoors between sick kids, the kind of cold that sticks in your bones. As such, I’ve been pulling out the wintery-est of mixes, including the particularly sparkling work of the most recent Slowdive record, a master class on shoegaze in all of its dream pop glory. It would seem that Vyva Melinkolya went to that same school, a blissed out and reverb drenched rainbow of pure melancholic gold in her wake. This is precipitious music, stormy in an angst-ridden kind of way, but without ever mining that for cheap hallmark feels. This is the kind of music that you get lost in, that you go out to sea on your own voyage to, as pleasing as it is pleasant, but without ever seeming saccharine or trite. 

Listen below and get lost in the moment.