LISTEN: EndCastle – “The Toothache” EP

Gone but not forgotten is the music of Dennis Sheridan, not lost to the world, but relocated to the best coast, to soak up the sun and surf all day. Graduating from his days in the recently reunited (if for one night only) Follow the Train, Sheridan is back with EndCastle, an update on his style that has a modern surf-rock feel, as filtered through the experimental indie-pop and quirky wit that has so informed his sound. Where his previous efforts in the aforementioned Follow the Train and Blue Goat War, both Sheridan fronted and led acts, leaned towards the lighter and dreamier side of life (if only comparatively), EndCastle has an unexpected metal or noise rock edge. This is not what I expect either of Sheridan’s music or California based acts, but it’s welcome all the same, gritty and dark, but never overwhelmingly so.

Listen below and give it some love. Sheridan and company are hustling at what they do, and you can hear that in the slick production and delicate production work. As a precursor of what’s to come this is a welcome treat, and again, one worth repeat revisits. Get into it, suckas.

WORTH MENTIONING: The Toothache is also available on Spotify. Stream it on this platform here.