LISTEN: Dr. Dundiff – “Nobody Likes Beats”

“Nobody cares about your stupid beet.” Hearing Michael Scott utter these words is a fun way to get this track up and running, preparing me for a light hearted good time brought to you by beat master general Dr. Dundiff. Naturally, “Nobody Likes Beats” is the title of his latest instrumental — It’s a bleep bloppy toe-tapper that while not overly ambitious, this track’s killer groove and soulful vocal samples give a cinematic vibe, the sort of atmosphere that I personally really dig in instrumental hip hop. This zesty number serves as the first single from Dundiff’s upcoming record Muneybeats, which is set to be released February 2nd via Jakarta Records digitally and on vinyl (thank the maker!). Preorder the album here.

“Nobody Likes Beats” is currently streaming on Spotify, Bandcamp Apple, and probably other platforms as well. Listen to it below, then put it on your ever-changing, constantly evolving party playlist today!