LISTEN: A. Jamison – “All Day”

This is my kind of R&B — catchy, smooth as silk wordplay and laid back trappy beats with a touch of “By Your Side” era Sade. A. Jamison’s latest release All Day masterfully puts each of these attributes on display, but what sets him apart is his odd peppering of retro video game samples and nerd references. Don’t get me wrong, this shit is sexy as hell, but for a vintage gaming enthusiast like myself, this added measure really does it for me.

Nerdgasm aside, this is a highly polished, brilliant collection of soulful R&B that I am thankful to have stumbled across on Bandcamp this morning. I’m on my third listen, sipping on an Americano from Heine Brothers getting excited about sharing this EP with you. No, I don’t know much of anything about A. Jamison. Who is he? Does he play out anywhere? Is this his only release? Somebody help me! All I know is that this dude is from Louisville and All Day is really, really fucking good. Highly recommended.

Listen to All Day below, then download it on a “name your price” basis via Bandcamp.