Am I a Fair Weather Cardinal Basketball Fan?

Just a few days ago, my beloved Louisville Cardinals got their asses completely handed to them by none other than their arch rivals — the evil Kentucky Wildcats. This wasn’t just another loss to UK head coach John Calipari. This was the sort of curb stomping that completely demoralized a fan base that was already beaten down by repeated scandals, corruption, and a three years long tidal wave of negative press surrounding the program.

As the game quickly got out of hand 8 minutes or so in to the first half, something really unexpected happened to me. As UK’s lead continued to swell into an insurmountable deficit, I felt strangely calm and realized midway through the 2nd period that I honestly don’t care anymore. It became evident that I’ve completely lost my passion for this basketball program, and don’t see my excitement returning any time soon. Not with the 2013 championship banner coming down. Not with the uncertainty at BOT, president and head coach. And certainly not with an almost certain truckload of future NCAA violations and penalties that will continue to linger for years to come.

By no means am I suggesting that I’m permanently relieving myself as a card carrying Louisville Basketball enthusiast, but for now it’s time for some time apart. This is a temporary separation, but I’m sending my beloved Cardinals away with a direct ultimatum — get the program completely straight and clean, then I’ll consider taking you back, like a reluctant wife taking an alcoholic husband back in the house after relapsing for the umpteenth time.

After sorting all of these feelings and intentions, I have to ask — does this make me, a life long supporter of anything and everything related to Louisville basketball a (gulp) fair weather fan? That’s what I’ve been accused of by several unwavering Pitino and Jurich supporters who firmly stand behind their “If you’re not with us, you’re against us” mentality. It amazes me how these people continue to staunchly defend these two deceitful bullies considering the amount of deep, deep shit they got this previously proud program into. Their relentless defense of anything objectively negative you say about the program or the people that run/ran it is head scratchingly stupid. How many scandals and bogus situations will it take for you to finally realize that the worst hasn’t even happened yet, and it’s mostly because of this pair doofs? If not now, when?

No sir or madame, I am most certainly NOT a fair weather fan. As I said before, I just need a break. That doesn’t mean I won’t watch a few games here and there, I’ll probably still wear a UofL hat every now and again, and hell, I might even go to a game or two. But I most certainly will not be devoting any sizable amount of time and energy following the Cards. Where I used to carefully plan out where I’d be to watch every second of every game, As soon as this program can prove to me that they can get through an entire season without egg on their faces, I might dip my toe back in to Cardinal Basketball super-fandom at some point, but not any time soon.