LISTEN: Plum Hokum – “Sissy Don’t.” (Louisville Is For Lovers Exclusive)

Maybe this cold weather has you down or maybe you are feeling post-holiday sadness. Perhaps you’re just a sad fucker that needs a little love to brighten your day. Well, it’s time to buck up asshole, because preorders for the upcoming Louisville Is For Lovers is now up for preorder! 

There will also be a FREE  SHOW at Guestroom with Brenda and Frederick The Younger on release day, Feb.2nd, at 7 pm.
The 2018 showcase will also be free at the Louisville Free Public Library Main Branch on Feb. 10th at 7 pm sponsored by LFPL, LUMA, and Wild & Wooly Film Series.

Get an exclusive taste of what’s on the compilation in the form of a song from Plum Hokum, a new band that features Joe Manning, Anna Krippenstapel, Sean Johnson, Chad Acton, and John Pedigo. The track, which is called “Sissy Don’t.” is a rootsy toe-tapper with exuberant guest vocals from Christy O’Connell. It’s that kind of bluegrassy diddy that’ll warm you up, no matter how brutally cold it’s sure to get. I’d recommend you pair this song with a glass of Bulleit on the rocks. Aww yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.

Listen to “Sissy Don’t.” below, then be sure to head over to the LIFL Bandcamp page to preorder the upcoming comp. Preorders for the new 2018 Valentine’s comp are up now for out-of-town folks here.

*In town folks can pre-order from Guestroom records. Both instore and online preorders will get an immediate download of the Little Darlin duets EP. There is also a Deluxe version of the album available in stores only that comes with a cassette copy of Little Darlin that folks will get at the time of pre-order as well.