LISTEN: 2nd Nature – Space Invaders

Billed as an instrumental mix-tape, the folks in 2nd Nature aren’t all that interested n playing even by their own rules, including an emcee on a couple tracks. Generally speaking though, this is a stripped down, 8-Bit crushed collection designed to pull at your nostalgia and get you bouncing. More often than not, the beats focus on a few constituent elements pulling from your video game memories, including the big gets like the Zelda or Super Mario series of games. It’s fun to hear little treats brought in and out, especially when a rapper makes their presence known, highlighting how the composition benefits from an emcee. This is fun as hell, the kind of bops that you throw on at a party on the sly just before you’re friends realize that you’re onto something fresh af.

Listen below and act like it’s old hat when people ask what this is about. Play it off legit.