LISTEN: Young Forest W – “Killin’ Shit”

One of my favorite movies over the summer was Baby Driver, which sported one of the most boss soundtracks on the scene. With that in mind, it’s hard to not hear a little Young MC in the music of Young Forest W, a goofy, funk influenced, and maybe even a little nerdy flow and beat that has no fear to kick it. Young Forest W definitely has a classic hip-hop vibe with nods to Del the Funky Homosapien, Dr. Octagon, or Kool Keith, emcees who march to their own beat with their freak flag on fleek. With Killin’ Shit, Young Forest W wilds out with his bad self, an “alien that is adaptable” as he puts it, social commentary in an abstract and, to my ears, imminently listenable way. When he says his “flow is killing like the time on the clock,” but “your flow is killing you cause fucking suck,” you believe he believes the hype, and there is something to admire about that level of confidence.

Listen below and don’t be afraid to kill shit yourself, metaphorically speaking of course.