WATCH: The Tunesmiths – “Pre-Game” (Live)

There aren’t many bands that can pull off a classic rock riff quite as well as The Tunesmiths in town. There is something about their music that recalls the Stones or Zeppelin at their respective heights, a well oiled, rock and roll machine. With Pre-Game, the band kick it around town, spending time at Guitar Emporium (and hitting up the record making machine) and then later at the Tim Faulkner Gallery. The band look like they’re all living their best lives, and more importantly that they genuinely enjoy not only music in general, as illustrated by shots of them looking at records (I see you Elvis), and just hanging out with each other in general. It makes sense for a song about pre-gaming your alcohol, something that anyone a little too down on their luck can understand; if you don’t have the money to plot down a five spot on a pint, it makes sense to drink some cheap shit at home, and coast through the evening.

Watch below and soak in those memories of a warmer time.