LISTEN: ARJR – “Over & Out” feat. Charlie 3x (Prod. by NXLVN)

I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve heard from Charlie 3X and that continues here, with his collaboration with ARJR. Of course, it’s ARJR’s show and he owns it, a relaxed flow that takes time building his sentiments and telling his story, honest and earnest without seeming trite. The beat here is about as low key as it could be, a contemplative thinker that drifts in and out sleepily, a daydream of a track that leans hard on jazz qualities.

Strangely, there is an Angelo Badalementi sound to this track, a doomed vibe that begs to be played at night, bathed in the neon of the streets, smoke wafting off manhole covers as you ride by. ARJR and company paint a picture, not only with the superlative production here by NXLVN (who I’m also new to), but in their lyrics which are thoughtful and thought provoking.

You can listen below and I highly recommend that you do just that.