LISTEN: Howell Dawdy – “A Howell Dawdy Christmas”

Thankfully, I’m not one of those sad fucks that refuses to enjoy the Holiday Season. Oh no, not at all my friends — I LOVE this time of year, and especially enjoy Christmas-themed songs, albums and playlists. While I annually revisit the themed records from the Beach Boys, Merle Haggard and Elvis, I also love the recent local holiday offerings from Dr. Dundiff & Friends, TinyForest and Dry Summers. So naturally I was excited when I got word that Howell Dawdy put out an album of original Christmas songs. A Howell Dawdy Christmas is the title of the effort and it is currently streaming and downloadable on Bandcamp.

As you’d probably expect, these tunes are full of satirical comedy with goofy lyrics and somewhat wacky song structures — most of which were seemingly put together for the sake of a good joke. But there are a few legit toe-tappers that I’ve added to my personal Christmas Party Playlist such as “Christmas Pudding”, a fun, steady grooving diddy that’ll put you in the mood to put on a Santa hat and suck on a candy cane.

Make your Christmas 2017 the best Christmas you’ve ever Christmassed by listening to A Howell Dawdy Christmas below: