LISTEN: Blind Beholder – “The Strange Land”

Blind Beholder remain a happy cypher in my life, a band that I cannot readily identify anything about. Operating out of the Humanhood Recordings label run by Thaniel Ion Lee, the project produces some of the tonally rich ambient out there, pad and synth heavy dopamine clouds of pure sonic bliss that suspends you in time and space. Are they from Louisville? Is it even a they or just one person? I don’t know and I’m quite positive that the mystery is more interesting than the reality. Here, you can believe that some eldritch being rose from the primordial ether, listened to the entire Lawrence English and Stars of the Lid catalogs, or really anything from Touch or Kranky, and put their own spin on it. The end result is starkly beautiful and serene, a pastoral reflection on sound as much as anything else.

Listen below and meditate to this.