LISTEN: ŢᖆᗩƤƘĨƝƓƘᗩĨ – If You Dont Know ft. Dom B prod. by (DJ Shaheed)

Stumbling on a new track by ŢᖆᗩƤƘĨƝƓƘᗩĨ is always worth a good listen. Maybe it’s the lyrics, maybe it’s the production, but there is always something there to latch onto, and “If You Don’t Know” is just that plus some. Now with 100% more Dom B than normally and a beat by the immeasurable DJ Shaheed, the beat here is crushed velvet smooth, an atmospheric banger that places as much emphasis on texture and mood as on any pop elements. There are elements here of trap mixed with electronica and ambient, the vehicle for the respective narratives of all emcees involved. This is a smart track with a lot of heart and plenty to say.

Listen below to a track without any immediate parallel.