INTERVIEW: Nick and Amber Estes Thieneman talk about making music together in Fool’s Ghost!

Fool’s Ghost is the new endeavor from husband and wife duo Nick Thieneman (Young WidowsFotocrime) and Amber Estes Thieneman (Sandpaper DollsLiberation Prophecy).  Their debut single “Chasing Time” was released early last month along with a beautiful music video. I’d describe the song as a solemnly beautiful tune driven by Amber’s heavy-hearted vocals that are perfectly served over a pulsating guitar/bass section that collectively reminds me of a combination of Songs Ohia and Joan Shelley.

Listen/watch below:

Fool’s Ghost will be playing their very first show TONIGHT (Thursday, December 7th) at Kaiju alongside Chris Brokaw and MINEcONTROL (for more info go here). To get you ready for their set this evening, we reached out to the two of them for a brief Q&A for a bit more info on their project and what they have in store for the future.

Never Nervous: What’s it like making music as a married couple? How does it compare to working with friends?

Amber Estes Thieneman: It’s a bonus! An added layer of understanding. We are probably more direct with each other than with friends.

Nick Thieneman: Although sometimes the directness can be harsh! I’m certainly guilty of that at times.

NN: Relative to that, in what ways does your relationship effect your music?

AT: It’s hard to think of it that way – separated. Music has been a big part of our relationship, so the two have always been closely intertwined.

“Music has been a big part of our relationship, so the two have always been closely intertwined.”

NN: Whether it be related to music or not, what would you say inspires the two of you to make this music?

NT: Really we find inspiration everywhere, in the light and the dark. We’ve been through a lot since we’ve been together but we’re always challenging and pushing each other creatively in life and that keeps us inspired.

NN: Now that your debut single “Chasing Time” has been out and about for a while, what’s the plan moving forward?

NT: We have 12 songs and want to record a full length in early 2018. After that we look to do some touring and hopefully find a home for the full length.

NN: Does the name “Fool’s Ghost” have any particular significance? Where’d the name come from?

AT: Coming up with a name is one of the most dreaded parts of starting a band to me. There’s typically a long list of random and ridiculous names that lead nowhere.

NT: Yeah, it’s fun! We went through a variety of names but Fool’s Ghost made sense as our music has a haunting quality to it.

NN: What’s going on with Young Widows? Are you guys still a band?

NT: Yes, Young Widows is still a band! We had to take a siesta after Jeremy and his wife, Kaelah, had their second child. 2018 marks the 10 year anniversary for our record Old Wounds, so we’ll resurface and go from there.

NN: Speaking of, do you feel like Fool’s Ghost and to a somewhat lesser extent, Fotocrime, are responses to your history with more aggressive music? Are you mellowing with age?

NT: No, I don’t feel like that or at least it’s not a conscience effort. I suppose it’s more of a response to the people I’m creating with. Amber and I just started writing and it came out like Fool’s Ghost. There was no specific direction or plan, other than relying only on each other. Sonically speaking, Fool’s Ghost and Fotocrime are both aggressive in certain ways, perhaps just more melodic.

“There was no specific direction or plan, other than relying only on each other.”

NN: For real though, how excited about Star Wars: Episode VIII are you?

NT: I love epic movie series, so, for real excited! Different worlds entirely but if they announced Peter Jackson doing a Silmarillion trilogy I’d probably lose it.

NN: Before you go, tell us about one of your favorite records from 2017. What’s so damn good about it?

NT: Elbow – “Little Fictions” — There has always been something about this band that captivates me. Guy Garvey’s voice is so distinct and frankly comforting to me at this point. Good stuff, and finally got to see them play a month ago – FANTASTIC!