LISTEN: #ct# – **

When I was in high school, I pissed off some neighborhood bullies, which was pretty much my MO at the time (and kind of still), to harass the folks that would harass you. One of these kids was younger than me, but trying to prove something, so would walk up to my door to try and fight me. While he eventually got his wish (don’t throw rocks at my sisters, son), when he would roll up to my front door, he would -as is wont for cowards to do- show up with an entire entourage of likeminded twits all looking to throw down. I had it in my mind that I just needed a soundtrack for my street fight, and that I would be unstoppable, which at the time was the track Tourette’s by Nirvana. (editor’s note: that song still shreds). I find it unlikely that I’m going to have a roving gang of bored dickheads trying to fight me on my front lawn now, something more and more dubious with Trump in office, but if they do, I’m thinking “**” by the previously unknown (to me) #ct# might make that new playlist.

This beat is vicious as hell. You definitely put this on before killing something, whether that’s your enemy in a fight, or just some weights at the gym. There is a gritty, almost Death Grips vibe to the beat, kind of industrial like Street Sects or Author and Punisher. You put this on to box, to get riled the fuck up, to get rough and tumble. If you’re me, you put this on so you can do the hell out of your dishes, to get all your laundry done, and to otherwise just mad amped at whatever menial task you have.

Listen below and try not to crush your cubicle while you mosh.